Glarysoft utilities issues w Comodo[Resolved]

Glary Utilities does not work unless Comodo Defense + level is set to disabled. I can open Glary, but the individual applications within do not work. I can just disable Comodo every time, but that is kind of a pain if there is some way to fix the issue. I may not remember to turn Defense back on every time either(joys of getting older), which opens up risk.

Im using the latest version of Comodo and Glary Utilities

DSL connection

OS Windows XP with all latest SPs and updates

Logged in as Admin.

Have Avast AV installed

… Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.

~ Scott

Have you tried putting Defence+ in “Training Mode” then running all the Glary Utilities so that it is able to learn all the aspects of the application.
It might be an idea to go to Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy and remove any referances to Glary Utilities before you do this,then you know you are starting from scratch.


Thanks Matty,

Your instructions and quick response fixed the problem!

Have a great day.


Good to hear,i`ll lock this thread now if you need it re-opening for any reason pm an online mod