Glad to use CIS5

I have been using Comodo since Version 3 (i think).
I am just an average user (if that), and i was always thinking of uninstalling it. Then version 4 came on and it was a pleasant surprise, it had his problems, but the idea of uninstalling just disappeared of my head.
And how glad i am of that, because since version 5 i am very, very happy with this application.

1- I feel that my computer is secure, and i am paranoid ;D about security because i use home banking.
2- It is very configurable.
3- The white list have improved a lot, i can even use the configuration “blocked” and hardly have a problem (i do not like having something in my computer, that i do not know).
4-Very light on the System.
5- And one of my favorites is that since this version i only use CIS5, and nothing else. I “hate” conflicts, specially when they can put the computer at risk (it is rare but it can happen). I do not even have sandboxie anymore, i just use the manual sandbox.

Sure it has things to improve. The detection could be better (no problem DACS is coming), there is always the FPs (they are cooking something, from what i have read in this forum). Manual sandbox should become more configurable like sandboxie (hope they are improving this), and the TVL (witch i am sure they are doing something to improve).

Basically i just wanted to share this because for the first time in my life i am using just one security application (free) in my computer(not counting on-demand scanners), like i said not even sandboxie. If i thought the development would become weak, i would not put all my eggs in one basket, but from what i can read in this forum, Comodo is not going to slow down.

Many Thanks and from my part i am spreading the word :D. All my family and friends use Comodo.

BTW witch one of you uses only CIS (not counting on demand scanners)?

really appreciate this Peter5! Thank you!

Hello Peter, I don’t think anyone can argue with any of the points that you made above concerning the fact that you are using Comodo internet security as your only line of defence. I think Comodo Internet security is a very solid choice and will put many paid products to shame. The only issue I have with Comodo Internet Security is the TVL, this issue is pointed out in a video made by Languy99
Julian - YouTube this sort of problem is sorted out within hours of notifying comodo of a potential problem (as Languy99 pointed out in his video).
If I had to choose only one security product to protect my PC then hands down it will be Comodo Internet Security everytime. :-TU

The program in Languy’s video wasn’t a 100% rogue.

I don’t think that a real rogue will have a digital signature

Peter5, I can share your feelings. I heard about Comodo first time probably 4 years ago when my NOD 32 didn’t protected me and I was infected pretty badly.

I installed CIS 3.9 but uninstalled it very soo, because it was too chatty to my taste.

I tried Online armor and Pctools Firewall Plus with both Avast and Avira and KIS, but since version 4.0 i am with comodo again and feel how it improves with each version. it keeps its bulletproof protection but adds easiness of use that was required for non-geeks :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments, Melih, Androo Circe, and Adonis.

BTW since V5 i ditched Panda cloud antivirus, ThreatFire, and Sandboxie. :110:

From what i have read, i think a local BB is coming for V6?

Hi Peter. On my old system I use to have Malwarebytes as on demand but since using CIS, Malwarebytes had nothing to find. Confidence grew using CIS, and when I got this system up and running I only installed CIS. The answer to your question, I use CIS only and don’t have any other anti-malware of any kind installed. Kind regards.

Captainsticks you should continuous using Malwarebytes because sometime Comodo is not 100% prefect when detecting malware, worms, trojans, rootkits, dialers and spyware, I would still used Malwarebytes in case Comodo missed.

Hey thanks Speedy, I guess I probably should put it back just in case. I possibly put to much confidence into Comodo.
You are right nothing is perfect. I do think CIS and Malwarebytes are both great, and they can compliment one another. Kind regards to you Speedy.

Captain… add hitman pro to your collect and superantipyware. :wink:

Valentin N

Hi Valentin. Thanks for the advice.
Sorry for running !ot! a bit here to Peter5

!ot! Hitman Pro is not 100% free it has unlimited free scanning and free 30-day version to remove detected malware, captainsticks just add Superantipyware next to your Malwarebytes see below on my sig :wink: for extra security need

I know it’s free but it will scan for malware so it can be good if it detects it. Which is the main reason why I said what I said. Sorry if forgot to add that.

Valentin N

Super Anti-Spyware isn’t all that I’ve read plenty on how it misses a lot of new Spyware and even some of the old spyware. In fact even though Spybot Search & Destroy is a old interface but it is still better at detection than Super Anti-Spware is.

It can be like that but I use it as extra scanner :slight_smile:

Panda Cloud is a mediocre AV that is also not so light (15 mb of ram). If you want some alternative to COMODO AV i think you’d better take Avast or Avira free.

But freankly I am Ok with Comodo full suite since version 4. I feel that detection level of AV improved very much. Also I really enjoy TVL, because it really improves the usability and I love it. People should not be so paranoid and delete it. With all unease about TVL i don’t remember even one fact of a real malware that was in this list. There were some not so Kosher companies who may be didn’t use transparent enough marketing methods but they were removed very soon. Also i am sure that Comodo team works constantly to improve it. I trust comodo and i use CIS as it is, including TVL/

Yes, Hitman Pro doesn’t remove malware after 30 days whence the free license is activated, but you can use it just for scanning and when it detects malware, remove the infection with another product. Don’t forget it scans in cloud with 5 programs, including Avast and Emsisoft, so it can only be a good addition to the current real-time protection.

You just read about SUPERAntiSpyware or you actually tested it?
SUPERAntiSpyware is a great on-demand scanner and in some cases detected malware even after running MBAM on infected computers. It beats S&D in speed, detection, usability and removal.

I have tested Super Anti-Spyware and it missed several spyware before I started using Comodo and no I don’t remember what spyware it was but Spybot Search & Destroy found them.

That’s why one should use various on demand scanners because there is so much malware produced these days that no one signature based solutions can keep up with it.

All these other programs for on demand are great recommendations, I still have a lot of trust in CIS for keeping the computer clean. I have trouble trusting anything else as much as I trust CIS.