Giving Up COMODO

Not being computer savvy, I tried and tried to configure COMODO, reading as much as I can. I still get the same pops up time after time asking to accept/deny certain applications. I’m finding COMODO too involved for me so I’m going back to Kerio. I feel that this maybe is a great firewall for some, but I’m not able to deal with trying to configure it. I need something simple that will leave me alone. I’ve had COMODO for at least a month. Guess I just don’t know what I’m doing.

Hopefully some day this firewall will be easier for people like me who do not know much about computers etc. Wish it was easier for me to set up. (:SAD)


I’m sorry that you don’t feel up to the task of configuring Comodo’s firewall. :cry: It can definitely be configured in a way that it won’t be bothering you all the time, and yet still provide you with excellent security.

There is a wonderful video tutorial/walkthru of installation and configuration right here:,4766.0.html. It’ll take you through step-by-step, with screenshots and text balloons explaining exactly what is happening.

If you’re willing to give it a go, someone will be happy to help you with the process, to make sure you get up and running. It would be so sad if you felt like you had to settle for Kerio just because you couldn’t figure out CPF…


Thank you for taking out the time to help me. I will watch the video and hope that this will help me configure and understand COMODO.

offred: We’ll be here waiting to help you out. :slight_smile:

Offred - I am not firewall savvy at all, and was looking for something simple to replace ZoneAlarm when I found Comodo. I don’t think it can be easier. I made 2 clicks to configure it. It was already on Learning, and I clicked to have it recognize all my existing software, and auto update. When you get a pop up, do like you probably do in Kerio. Click the remember button so it doesn’t keep popping up. Other than that, forget it’s there.


Reinstalled, watched video, hope this time I won’t have any problems. I did click remember on pop ups but for some reason they still keep asking me to accept/deny. Maybe this time starting over all will be OK. Thanks for the help. :BNC

After you reinstall, and run the Application Wizard, it’s a good idea to just reboot the computer. This quickly clears out the internal memory and resets/updates the rules/changes.

Also, when you see the popups, although it may seem to be the same thing (same application, etc), there are going to be subtle differences… the way the application is communicating, the Parent of the application, even the IP or Port involved (this one should only be there if you have Alert Frequency set to High or Very High). Some of these popups are not just about the application connecting to the internet, so you might watch for changes in the actual message the popup has…