Giveaway of the day

Just found this, it seems to come highly recommended. Is this better than Boclean? You’ve not much time if you want it for free.
Let me know what you think. :THNK

Prevx is a Host Intrusion Protection System program (HIPS) it’s not an anti-malware and is completely different from Comodo BOClean. BOClean watches your system in particular your memory and any programs that begin to run and has a Virus Signature. Prevx doesn’t have a signature as it’s a zero day protection against your SvChost and other critical system stuff and it’s been known to be quite noisy or at least that what I’ve heard… It not a behaviour analysis program either it’s the last ditch attempt. Comodo BoClean is an ANTI-TROJAN program.

P.S. watch out on these GIVE AWAY type things… I got scammed for one when I was looking around for an anti-spyware and there was some offer to get Anti-Spy for free all I needed to do was go to one of these sites and purchase something. By Signing up with BOOKSFORCHILDREN I had entered myself into a contract to purchase ten books within a year or £60 just to come out of the contract! BEWARE! is a totally legit site, you don’t need to provide any info to them, you can even post in the comments section with a fake email addy. I have used my “spare” email address to post a few comments, and have received no spam or marketing stuff from them.

I’ve gotten a few great programs from them, SSM pro being the most notable I guess. I thought about installing prevx2, even got as far as downloading it, but the comments put me off (besides, i don’t really think I need it).

Prevx and CBOCLean work together fine :slight_smile: If you want to know more about Prevx, or if you have questions, you could send Ctrlaltdelete a pm here on the forum. He is a real expert :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for your replies…i’m sticking with Boclean.