Giveaway of the Day - Winter 3D Screensaver

GiveAway of the Day offers cool 3D screensaver. Offer expires in about 19 hours and 40 minutes.

hehe! sure… 4 those who may think that any screensaver can save a screen, which is a myth


p.s. there are many other ways that people can use in order to waste their time, say using twitter and/or facebook & then when their fingers hurt & eyes are strained badly they can even watch full movie as a “screensaver” ;D

May be people just want something that pleases the eye regardless of myth?

On a side note; I am not fond of Mythbusters. I only see two clueless clowns running around in the modern bush of ghosts…

how about a good book? :wink:

Nothing wrong with that. However I am afraid that this may only appeal to a crowd who does not judge the screen by its screensaver… 88) ;D