GiveAway of the day Online Armor bugged by BSOD's

The give a way of the day version of OA has some BSOD in it, and as that registration doesn’t (normally) allow to upgrade to the latest versions, good luck.
You can always try to use this beta to fix it :, but on your own risk. I don’t know however if this will work with your free license…



No OA for LA. :-TD

Was working fine on vlited Vista SP2, though I got back to CIS, cos OA runs 4 processes, while CIS only 2 :slight_smile:

That’s the only reason? ;D

According to Mike Nash (of Tall Emu) that GOTD key is for the standard licence with no limitations and can be updated etc.If you download the standard installer rather than the one included with the giveaway download it can be installed at any time .