Giveaway of the day - Comodo alerts

We all know the website
Some times realy you can get a good soft for free there. But ,there is a >:-D ,and a mean realy one evil.
Everytime a try to download someting have the same message from Comodo.
Screanshots below.
Im not sure if its OK to ad the direct link here,but hope to get a explanation from more experienced users or Comodo staff and then can delete waths unnesesary.

[attachment deleted by admin]

“Heur” in the name means it’s reaction of the heuristics, but the file is not blacklisted as a malware. You can safely press “Ignore”.

And follow the advice in the next post. :slight_smile: They will check the file.

Hi costerin,

Please submit the detected file at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis. So we can check it.

Thanks & Regards,

Thanks Solarlynx :-TU

Im often using giveaway of the day to download and test programs.
Have scaned with diferent scaners ,not only the one-the particular one.
What Im trying to find out about the Comodo message is!
Whay Comodo alert ? werhe is the problem?
Its someting with the giveaway webpage ,or the soft procudent.
Maybe is something with the scrypt ? giveaway work as he work ,ading a script to every soft witch make is possible to aktivate licence .
For me & others ,who now how to deal with it its aimple to check.
But waths with other Users ,who dont have the knowlege about?
Comodo scare People :-
Im ,not able to find out waths caused the problem. But hope to get a answer where exacly the problem start .
Giveaway of the day is well know by People and manny of them asking.

Maybe there was some file downloaded? If yes then heuristics incorrectly decided it’s a malware. Sorry, I am not well aware here.

Thanks Banupriya :-TU

With all recpect dear Banupriya ,its not only the particular case ,the particular file.
Comodo react as you can see on my screanschots almost by everyting waths in conection to Giveaway of the day.
My sugestion is !
You People with the knowlege ,the staff and technican -just download something from giveaway of the day , find out how its works . Where the problem is .
Its not happened by every aplication offered by giveaway of the day ,but about 99% -My own experience.

Before a change to Comodo ben using for years Kaspersky and there was the same problem .

;D do not be sorry Solarynx

We all are not technican and we are not sooooooo smart how Comodo staff an technican are ;D

We are here to report problems . help others if we can and ask question.

because (CNY)