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Thanks for the update.


Since the new release is due any day now that includes anti-virus as well as firewall, I will hold off on evaluating this product until that date.

Thanks for making this product. I look forward to giving it a try…and if it works as good as I think it will, I’ll be rolling it out just about everywhere I go!

This product was the only thing missing from a corporate-wide rollout as far as I could tell.

I also like the payment structure…gives us solid numbers we can use for budget time, year after year.



Any relatively “solid” ETA for a roll-out of CESM w/CIS?



number of days…
now that new CIS out, we just need to test the latest version with ESM… maybe less than number of days… :slight_smile:



Given the time since your last post I’m not sure now what your last response really meant.

A better way to proceed would be “CESM/CIS will be released on DD of MMM YYYY”.

That could be any time. However, everyone can live with that.

Our interest is still very high. Any hard ETA please?



I am hearing first week of March from the dev team…(of course subject to).





Hmm, first week of March it is, now. Do I hear CIS coming down the pipes? I sure hope so…


apparently scheduled for 9th march…(fingers crossed…)


Oh dear, what a joke!

So, you’re aiming for the corporate market? What, with this kind of response?

I’m afraid that you’re single-handedly attracting exactly the kind of criticism that I’m sure you could do without.

A golden opportunity to establish a cast iron (sic) trust relationship has just gone flying out the window with no-one else to blame but… yourselves.

One more prompt:

Thinks… “The developers will have this done and dusted, tried and tested, by 20th March 2009. Stuff this ‘if, maybe, apparently, 9th March, fingers crossed, etc etc’. I’m in charge here and I will make the decision that we’ll release to market 1st April 2009 as these are eager, willing and PAYING customers that I’m not going to disappoint.” Result: Responsibility, Faith, Trust, Residual Income.

There’s no way we’re mentioning anything about this product to our customers until we are 100% sure WE can deliver - we could not afford to plant doubt in their minds. We do as we say.

Please, Melih, stop this nonsense and do the right thing. We WANT to pay you for what we believe to be a great business model. However, patience is wearing rather thin with this wishy-washy, non-commital, banal behaviour.




It is what it is. I will not lie for money nor make up some made up dates well into the future so that we’ll make sure to make them. I am asked a question and I will answer it honestly. If you are looking for companies who will lie to get your money, pls go find someone else. With us you will get our honest answer, period!

PS: And if you think software development is 100% predicatable process, then you haven’t been involved in software development.



Interesting and unnecessarily defensive response.

I’ve been in commercial software development for almost twenty years, some of my colleagues longer, and it is precisely that experience which leads me to make those comments.

I don’t recall asking anyone to lie. I do recall asking you to stand by your word.



P.S. Still interested in ESM/CIS.

I don’t understand what you are asking of me?
I am asked for a date. I said its possibly that date (and possibly not as you might be aware all the issues that might affect s/w development and of all the people you should appreciate that due to your involvement in s/w development).

Again, the date (not a hard date) is next tuesday. As always this is subject to change.

Frank: I don’t think you are appreciating our openness. I could have easily said May 1st to give myself plenty of time and deliver it early April. But thats not telling the truth. The truth is what I hear from my dev guys and i pass that on. I hope you will appreciate that.


Or something like “coming when it’s done” :wink:

Frank, Way to go man!!

They just need to give us a date.

Keep up the good work n maybe we’ll all get a better result, hey?

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I’m still waiting patiently. I have been since CFPv3 was in beta and and i suggested a Enterprise Management Solution and was told it would happen. Then again after ESM went to beta and looked promising. Still waiting :wink:


Wow, that was unnecessarily harsh Frank. Firm dates are nice to have but considering that this product does not have a 1.0 version, it is a bit unrealistic to grab a date out of thin air and expect them to stick by it no matter what. Might be different if it were a 1.0.1 patch that resolves a specific problem or a 1.1 that adds a new feature (or additional product it can rollout).

As for you (Frank) and me telling our customers that an unreleased product “should” be out on such-n-such date would be a silly idea. It should be considered a non-option until released and verified by your own team as a functional product that you can deliver.

There have been MANY products that have a wanted feature list of 20 items but the 1.0 release has a grand total of 12 and the 8 missing features did not make the cut for whatever reason. Pre-selling a product on features intended to be in version 1.0 is a silly idea as I have said before.

I am eagerly optimistic for what this product can do to help protect our company but I am also reserved in my expectations until I can get ahold of the product and see it work in our environment. I once made the mistake of “thinking” WindowsUpdate would actually work to keep my PCs patched but actual trial-by-fire revealed flaws in the design.

Melih, keep on working on the product. I’d rather get to know a working 1.0 version rather than a faulty product. Although I missed the window-of-opportunity to roll it out for my place of work this year, hopefully it will be possible in the next (although I will still evaluate 1.0 for other companies)


We’re witnessing the unfolding of a Comodo PR mini-disaster!

Comodo, stop being so defensive!

What I see is a Comodo client chomping at the bit because he can see what this product can do for him, his company and his customers! I’ve already said I want to buy the product! If I was Mr ‘Comodo’ I would’ve been asking things like “how many licences do you want?!” and then keep the guy sweet! He’s the type of customer I would fight tooth & nail for as he’s the one most likely to promote this product for me - the only cost being keeping my mouth shut!!

The train of thought you’re pursuing is not the point I’m making - it is Comodo who are being date/time conscious, I was just giving an example of IF you’re going to use dates & times then a possible way forward would be the one I gave. If you hadn’t been giving the timescales you gave then I could not have responded the way I did. The point I am making is to keep to your word - if you can’t keep to your word then don’t say it! After all, Comodo’s tag line is “Creating Trust Online”.

If I didn’t care then I wouldn’t be so eager!

Just revoke the timescales, keep the forum updated with progress and mention timescales when you’re ready. So, let’s get it on & keep everyone happy!

My money is waiting.



P.S. LHammonds, we’ve already been evaluating CESM V1.0 (admittedly without CIS).

Yes ok
But the product was in development and the release was not official.
Was just a guess and not a yyyy:mmm:dd:hh:mm:ss.ssss date. He said a week, and he only missed for a day or two.

Here are the links to latest ESM with CIS integrated.
Size:47M (48830464)
Size:50M (52164096)
Size:15M (14713344)
Size:15M (15211008)

The websites will be updated tomorrow with these details…

Look forward to serving you Frank. Please let me know if i can help any further.


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