give suggestion for updating problem

Friend, Pls help me. I’m in problem reg updating. updater shows 30% progress in each attempt and after a few minutes it fails to update. I uninstalled CIS previous version and finally installed CIS product-version 3.13.126709.581 and my database version is 3336. But my problem remains same. updating sticks in 30% progress in each time and therefore there is no effective updating take place.I’m using o/s windows XP with SP3, 32bits, language- English. I’m using phone dial up modem which has a slow connection ( generally it shows downloading speed within.12 kb/sec or lower)
I 'll be greatfull to receive an effective suggestion/ help. regards.

The initial update for the AV is a big file of 96 MB. The progress indicator will stay at 30% during the complete download of that. That is very confusing.

Since you are on dial up use the download link for the latest big bases.cav from Where can i download the latest full AV database? and install it as instructed. This download supports resuming, so you can use a download manager for it.

Once installed you will have to get the incremental updates. Those are several hundreds of kB. That is doable on a dial up connection.