give more options for balloon messages

i would like to leave balloon messages enabled but it is annoying to get them for the signature updates.
they should add a couple of different things that we can enable for balloon messages in the preferences like i show in the picture

i accidently spelled quarantine wrong lol

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+1. I agree completely (and not just about the spelling). ;D

i hope this gets added it doesnt seem like it would be to hard to code but i could be wrong

:-TU :-TU :-TU
It´s so annoying

Good idea. Voted.

I find some of the ballon messages informative.
Lets me see whats going on inside the computer.
But yes they can be annoying so i simply turn them off.

i would like to see what gets automatically quarantined but not when the av is updated. i seem to have support for this wish.