Give more configuration options to enable/disable "At Risk" notifications

Version 5 didn’t display the red “At Risk” notification along with the “X” in the tray icon when a security component was disabled, and I think this notification is an improvement over the previous version as it becomes near-impossible to simply forget turning on your FW or AV if you disable them for an indefinite period of time.

However, with v5 I used Comodo Antivirus as a second-opinion, on-demand Antivirus, with no problems, while I used another one for on-access scan. With v6 this became very annoying because of this notification, so the choice is to simply live with it (nearly unbearable, the user is not at risk if there’s another AV running), to uninstall Comodo AV, or use it as on-access and disable/uninstall the other.

It is not just very annoying to have to live with this untrue “At Risk” message, it’s also an unsafe behavior from CIS. If the user has a different AV as real-time on-access scanner and has Comodo AV’s real-time scan disabled permanently to use it only as on-demand scanner, the security function of the “At Risk” message is totally lost. If the user disables the FW temporarily for example, the message will remain the same, that is, the notification in this case will be useless, and that removes the additional safety/convenience that the message is supposed to give.

My suggestion is to have an option of configuring CIS so that when you disable Comodo AV, the “At Risk” notification only appears if there is no other AV registered with Windows (problem: maybe this will not work for XP). Another, perhaps better option is to add a configurable setting to disable this notification for the AV (and to extend this configurability to other components as well). This way, users that want Comodo AV as an on-demand scanner will be able to use it with no problems and won’t have to choose to uninstall either Comodo AV or their other antivirus, meaning more people will be able to use Comodo AV and potential users won’t be lost.

Simply using CCE as a replacement for Comodo AV is not good because 1) you lose the context menu scan, and thus have to open CCE every time you want to do a single scan, not to mention browse through sometimes long directory addresses and deal with reboot scan prompts, and 2) you lose the ability to schedule scans.

This configurability should be added to all component as the best option. The state of the Behavior Blocker should definitely have a notification as well.

EDIT: Sorry. Poor reading skills on my part.


i would suggest that you can ignore some component states not sure but i think its a better one

but yeah i gues at fiirst glance i did misunderstand this suggestion

Yeah, maybe a user-defined configuration to ignore the state of the AV component would be nice. That or Comodo using Windows’ own AV registration to determine whether another AV is active, although that wouldn’t work on XP, so probably it’s better to be user-defined.

Like I said, this is more than an annoyance. This new notification feature is a safety feature that helps users remember to turn back on disabled components. If the AV is permanently disabled, then the notification is useless when you temporarily disable the FW for example.

It would be nice to be able to configure for which components we get an “Alert” notification or an “!” or “X” mark.

Presently, even if we disable “HIPS”, “BB” or both we do not get any alert. This is also not convenient for many users.

I sincerely hope COMODO devs add a configuration option to enable or disable “state” notifications for different components.

Note: Please add a poll item "Add configuration option to enable or disable “secure” notifications for components.

I would vote yes, But optional. It is a good Idea, I just think it is not required.

Yes, a notification for BB is also important to have.

Yes, I agree it should be optional.

I will change the text of the poll so that it better reflects what we want.

Once you add the option Iw ill vote. I do support your wish.

The poll is changed to a simpler and wider “Give more configuration options to enable/disable notification of the state of CIS components” and the text says at the end “The state of the Behavior Blocker should have a notification as well.” So I think it’s all there already. I’d like to change the title of the thread too, but that would render links useless. So the poll has simply been widened to include all these related wishes.

Options and choices…
who could vote no?

I hope the two who voted no do come back and reconsider. The possibility to change one’s vote is there.

I had to vote no simply because of the scenario you presented. In my opinion, Comodo’s AV should never be used as a secondary on demand scanner simply because it’s not as good as other standalone AV’s when used as a standalone product. I would do it the other way around or not scan with the Comodo AV at all but use Malwarebytes free instead. I don’t even think the Comodo AV should be installed at all if you’re using another AV product for the real time protection.

I always like to have a second, third, fourth, fifth, etc opinion when dealing with antivirus software. It is common to see the AVs with the best detection rates fail to detect one infection when another less powerful AV can. This type of thing happens way too often and that’s why tools like HitmanPro and VirusTotal are so interesting, and that’s why I like to have Comodo AV’s opinion as well.

I totally agree in principle. I just think other things like Malwarebytes are better choices for secondary scanning than the AV in Comodo which is at it’s best when used as a part of the complete package. I really think just using MBAM occasionally is enough.

Like I said, it’s common to have a “better” AV miss a virus when a “not-so-good” one can catch it. I’ve seen it countless times. A couple of minutes browsing through VirusTotal submissions and you’ll see it plainly. Of course, the better AV will usually catch more viruses or it wouldn’t be considered better, but no one product can catch everything, and the way these things work, sometimes it’s the “underdog” AV that can detect a new virus first. So I do use Malwarebytes. I also use HitmanPro. I also use SUPERAntispyware. I also use Avira and of course Comodo. All of these are used on-demand here, and I also use Panda as real-time. Plus I send suspicious files to check via VirusTotal. Overkill? If it were just for me, I would probably not use so many. I know how to avoid viruses. But occasionally a friend will bring a USB flash disk that he uses in college or at work for example. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially because country-specific viruses are harder to detect (in my country, Brazil, Panda and Avira are the most efficient free options from my observations). Also I manage other computers for less tech-savvy users, so I like to install a good number of good on-demand scanners to make sure they are clean.