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Want to see something funny… run this leak test on the Comodo firewall… ;D


Hi turnorburn,

I’m not sure how serious this new test is, but I ran it (using old Comodo Firewall, see signature)
If Defense+ is on, got an Alert. Blocked. No connection
If Defense+ is disabled, got an Alert from Firewall about outgoing connection. Blocked. No connection


Can you please tell what was so funny in your case?


im getting the same results as SiberLynx with the lastest v6 beta so i fail to see whats funny.

I thought is was funny because of the speed it stopped the intrusion, or rather the attempted intrusion, geek buddy was all over that leak test asking me if i wanted assistance. No i didn’t think anything was wrong i thought it was great!

Sorry for the misunderstanding guys…

I hope it was “fast speed”, but not “v-e-r-y s-l-o-o-o-w speed” ;D

Was it as fast as the failure with Kaspersky !!

No notification about block or not, just as soon as you click to test it comes up " FIREWALL PENETRATED " :embarassed: :P0l