'ghosts' in active connections list - fairly big issue (xp sp3, x86,

i’ve noticed that after having my pc on for a few days, and using connection-happy programs like emule and uTorrent, comodo starts leaving ghost connection reports in the list, where it doesn’t close the connections that were open in the past. (not just with utorrent/emule, but with all programs)
and if you close the program, then restart it, it creates a copy in the active connections list, and leaves all the old info there while putting the new (more accurate) connection information treed under the new instance…
i’ve seen the AC list run to the 100s of open conns, which then starts causing problems opening connections in programs that use listening ports for outbound connectivity.
also: Restarting cfp.exe doesn’t help
can someone please look into this? i’ve written down what i think are the relevant parts of the problem, but if any of it is unclear, please ask/email (i might forget to read here for a few days, or i might not)

pc: 32bit, WinXP sp3
only comodo running (no AV software)
Safe Mode/Clean PC Mode
running as admin

Can you download a free copy of tcpview and compare it with what the AC list shows? Also post a copy if you can