Ghost update?.

??? Not sure whats going on here but i got an update icon in my tray this morning which dissapeared after 2/3 seconds. i then went into Comodo and clicked on Update, and it said updates were availablle, and 2/3 seconds later that was it, dont think anything happened, or was downloaded??.I was hoping this was an update for the threatcast problem amongst other things, but no.It seems we may have to wait for 3.9 for this to be fixed as i have two machines 1 xp and 1 vista, both on version 477 and the vista machine has the Av installed, but neither is working as far as threatcast is concerned, and reckon this occurred with the 477 update. Perhaps we will get a small fix for this on the way to 3.9, or not!!.

I also had this weird update this morning. It wasn’t one of the false notifications I had reported earlier. This time it appeared to try to download something then informed me the update was complete. But the version number hasn’t changed. I haven’t got the antivirus section installed on two machines and these also had this update so it can’t be a definition update.