Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

I can’t get this to play since I installed Comodo. It freezes up on a black screen and I have to reboot. Trouble is there is no log made by Comodo of why it is freezing, the same goes for Battlefield 2.
Someone else here posted a log Comodo made regarding the blocking of BF2, why is mine not making that log for either; BF2 or Ghost Recon?
Without that log I have no idea what is being blocked and therefore what to fix.

Edit: I tried this; If you believe this file is not harmful, then you can disable CPF’s infection monitor by deselecting Security->Advanced->“Monitor Memory Infections” temporarily.
I disabled ‘The enable application behaviour analysis’ and the game still crashed (as does BF2)
I have to do a hard reset to get the PC operational again.

Note, unistalling Comodo results in me being able to play both games no problem.

Thanks in advance…

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We will test these cases. Until we provide a fix, you can completely disable application behavior analysis and restart your PC(do not forget to restart your PC) before playing these games.

Please let us know if this works.


Thanks for looking into this.

I tried doing that and rebooting however Ghost Recon still froze up just after launch.
I can’t end the process through the task manager either, it requires a reboot.

I can play if I disable the firewall and use Windows own firewall so I may do that in the meantime. Is there an easy was to switch off the firewall?


JJ 8)

If application behavior analysis is disabled and the PC is restarted, all you need to do is to close CPF or set it to allow all. Then CPF wont do anything.


OK, thanks for the help.

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Just to clarify, I’m not talking about online play when this happens.

have you tride putting them in the trusted apps zone yet

The reason it is locking up at the black screen is because that is when it first tries to access the internet.
It actually pops up a CPF box asking to allow/deny it.
The problem is (and not just with Ghost Recon) that you cannot alt-tab back to the CPF box and it just hangs waiting. Perhaps the ability for CPF popups to disaply on top of a D3D fullscreen application would be good. (Kinda like X-Fire’s in game message popups).
This would stop a lot of problems (I have) with CPF…

Hi to all:

I am having a similar problem with (at least the three games I have tried): Quake 4, F.E.AR. and Halflife2 Deathmatch.

When I try to load any of those games, they simply freeze at the initial splash screens and even bringing up Task Manager does nothing except inform me they are “Not Responding”. I am unable to use Task Manager to kill the game app and have to re-boot the machine. There is no question that the firewall is requesting approval, but since I can’t see the popup I have no opportunity to authorize it.

I am stunned that Comodo didn’t consider fullscreen games when designing this. Even pre-authorizing the main executable isn’t doing the trick. If I clean boot the machine and close my net connection, my single player apps run fine. But that doesn’t help with multiplayer. And what good is a firewall you have to disable when running an online game?

Anybody got any ideas that don’t involve disabling the firewall? Incidentally, the Sunbelt Kerio firewall created no similar problems.

If I switch off the application monitor then the games work. Hoping for a fix though.


I have experienced this when trying to play BF2 online. Screen is black and nothing happens.

Playing only helps if CPF is set to allow all - but then again I am not protected :cry:

Hope the Allow/Deny pop-up will become accessible on-top of all running programs…I’ve also tried putting BF2.exe in the allow folder - also putting it for all-access to the net…but still if CPF is on and running 100% there is no way to play online

Hi Guys,

We are trying to address and solve the issue. An update with necessary fixes will be available when the problem is solved.

Thanks for the cooperation,


I’ve noticed a lot of people are asking for the pop-ups to appear on top of whatever game they are playing. I don’t believe that this is easily achievable, as most games are using different graphic modes (under DirectX, OpenGL or similar API) from the desktop mode.

I think you’d need to detect the current screen draw mode, interrupt the screen handler, render the popup in the appropriate mode and pass the result back to the firewall.

Not an easy job. Better you than me. :wink:

ewen :slight_smile:

Hi panic,
I guess you have missed my last wish,354.msg3766.html#msg3766

With this option these problems will be resolved in a nery easy way :wink:

Not really - the full screen game isn’t running in the same graphic space as the shell (explorer.exe) or the rest of the GDI devices (mouse pointer, windows, etc.). That’s why Windows alerts don’t pop up over games now. They pop up, but not in the same graphics plane that the game is running in, that’s why we don’t see them. To make the alert appear over the full screen game, it would have to be rendered in the same manner as the game - ergo the complexity.

ewen :slight_smile:

You missed my point. By this you will prevent pop-ups. The game will get access before it runs for the first time.
ps. better prevent than cure :wink:

Try HalfLife 2. If you include it as a SAFE application, it will still hang, even if you have selected “allow invisible connections”. I don’t know why. I’ve even tried adding EVERY component of the game as a safe app but it still hangs.

I agree it would be great if they could find a way to pre-emptively approve a full screen game, as these are a real pain in the bum for firewalls (as we’re all finding out!). :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:
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Switch the application monitor OFF and BF2 works online.

I made a tuttorial for online gaming. Please check this out,668.0.html

I’m having identical experience as JolietJake with Half Life 2/Counterstike Source which is all online play.

I followed the tutorial from panlouk and justin278(,668.0.html) but no joy.

Even if I turn off (Exit) CPF from the launch pad tray icon, game still freezes as soon as I request it access the internet to retrieve a list of game servers. Locks the PC so that a manual power-off is required. The only way I can get around this behavior is to completely uninstall CPF. Then all works fine.

I understand the discussion now is about getting the authorization pop-up in front of the fullscreen 3d app, but I remain puzzled as to why the game won’t work with the firewall off, only uninstalled completely. Does CPF leave a latent process running that continues to intercept internet access requests? Off should mean off.

Might warrant further investigation by the 100-pound brain team…

PS: I also found a related thread at,572.0.html. Maybe a dedicated game thread is warranted? Would be nice to have a place where the necessary ports that need opening could be listed by users interested in a particular game.