Getting virus message when trying to download Adobe 9 software

I’m getting a virus alert when trying to download Adobe9. The message is:


Comodo has removed the virus but is this a false alert as I doubt whether there would be a virus originating from the Adobe site. This is urgent as I need to download pdf files.

My computer runs Vista Home premium and I use Comodo free anti virus package.


Its sorted. I downloaded Adobe from a different site (CNET) and it worked.

Is that the same version of Adobe 9? Are they both 9.y.z?

I saw a similar report earlier that may have been a false positive.

Heh, I’m with Comodo on this one. Adobe reader (and Adobe updater, and Adobe Flash) have so many ways to connect to the internet, and install new stuff, and report what you’re doing, and it’s so hard to find them all and turn them off, that I don’t think it’s any kind of stretch to call Adobe stuff malware.