Getting System connection from ip's i blocked it, is that ok?

Hi all,
I Installed CIS 3.9.xxxx.509, I was browsing internet and i got pop up window saying “System” trying to receive connection from, i did not know what it is so i blocked it, then i went to firewall events and taken screenshot of it. so you people can have a look & guide me.

Will blocking this affect any application i m running?
I see there are more items there in blocked list in firewall events is it ok?
M i doing anything wrong by blocking these?

edit: IP corrected by Mod - kail

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

[i]Basically this looks like SMB/NetBIOS stuff - inbound file/directory sharing probes probably. Might even mean the host is infected with a worm (which is trying to spread).