getting Secunia psi to work with my computer

Not sure why my recently downloaded and installed Secunia psi will not stay on the screen when i double click on the icon. What I see is the Secunia window open and at the top is Secunia but then with in 2-3 seconds that window disappears! I turned off Comodo entirely and malwarebytes entirely and still no improvement. I read that Comodo is program to allow Secunia to run with no interference so I don’t see why Secunia will not fully open and run?

Could there be a problem with the download of Secunia? perhaps not complete? or infected? I downloaded it from what I am 90% certain is the mfg’s web site.

I don’t see Secunia listed in the list of installed programs? yet there is a secunia icon in the tool bar, and when I hover over it , I am informed that: " I have programs that require manual updates."

Have you any ideas? / solutions?
have you a known good link to safely download secunia from,… that you would give me?

I am using windows XP with SP3 on a older HP desk top unit.

Hi flywelder,

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