getting rid of windows 8 metro screen and get the start button and menu back

If you guys hate the metro screen and want windows 8 to be like windows 7 again, follow these steps

First lets get the start button and start menu back(While Microsoft will put the windows start button back in windows 8.1, they fail to realize that a lot of people want the start menu back too.). There are many different shells available, but this is the one I use
download from here

Install it and choose the type of start menu you would like and save the settings

Now right click on the “start button” and click on settings

click on “all settings”
Click on “windows 8 settings”
make sure there is a check mark at “skip metro screen”
At disable active corners click on “all”
Click on ok

Now windows 8 will work like windows 7 again, it’s that easy

If anybody has some other good advice on this subject, please add to this so we can all learn (me included)
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I was under the impresion that we already had a thread for this? =S Perhaps not.

I like to use Windows 8 start menu customizer to give the win 8 start menu transperancy 88) does not work with Windows 8.1 though.

I use Classic Shell with the XP look to it. It works great but I still have the machine boot into the “Metro” screen because I’ve gotten used to it. Clicking on a desktop app or hitting the Windows key takes me to the desktop UI with Classic Shell quickly enough. I use both UI’s and really like the eBay app in Metro.

This is on a 2005 vintage HP laptop with a single core AMD processor running at 1.8 Ghz and 2GB of DDR Ram, not even DDR2. Everything is fast and snappy in Win8 32 bit. I am running the Enterprise evaluation now but just picked up an unused copy of Win8 Pro for only $32 on eBay.

Here’s a blog from Ghacks on the latest version of it.

Wasn’t ‘Metro’ replaced with “Modern” ?

I’m not liking that new version of Classic Shell because I don’t see the XP style for the start menu. I also like the way programs and apps are separated in the current version. I don’t install the Classic IE or Explorer parts.

Yes MS replaced the term Metro with Modern but it’s a lot easier to express dislike for Metro :-). You say “Metro” and everybody knows what you mean. Modern can be anything.

Hi. I am on the Classic Shell team. The XP Luna skin is still available from the Skin tab in the new version 3.9.0, once you select the ‘Classic with two columns’ style. Also, Programs and Apps are still separate in the Classic style. In the new Windows 7 style, Apps are shown inside Programs folder by default but that too can be changed. If you wish to have Apps separate, you can enable them in the right column of the Start menu from the Customize Start Menu tab and setting “Metro Apps” to “Display as a menu”. Nothing is removed from it, just a few defaults changed.

I am on the Classic Shell team.
I consider it an honor to meet a developer for classic shell. Love your work :-TU

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I am currently testing the 3.9 beta… :slight_smile: