Getting just one file back...

I have recently rebuilt my PC, deciding at the same time to move my media from a partition to seperate drive. To free up a SATA port I decided to remove an old 320 GB disk containing an install of windows 7, before doing that I thought I would backup the contents of the drive to my NAS, lets begin there:

After comodo failing 3 times doing the backup (usually in the last 5 to 3% on a 4 hour run) I managed to get the drive backed up.

Next step was to verify it worked, so tried to mount from the NAS - that obviously is not possible.

Copy file to some space on a hard drive, can mount it, not ideal, but its unlikey I will need info off it that often, so 2 hours copying file to local storage in order to mount it is not the end of the world.

So now I actually need a file off it (old CV, not needed it for a while) - cant, permission denied to access the folder. (I have tried extensivley to get it back, used all the tips and tricks google/bing could throw at it)

Again, not the end of the world - the software must have some way of getting data out of a CBU file without mounting it. Right? Any ideas?

Getting a bit grumpy now - why is it so hard to get a SINGLE file from a backup? The only reason I tried comodo was my local pc world did not have a copy of the symantec software (they are 25% cheaper than direct from the symantec website).


Please run the dbginfo.bat from the installation folder and post the resulting cbu file.
Also, please disable the User Account Control, restart your computer and then mount
your .cbu backup file.

Thank you for your support !

Unfortunatley in the rebuild I dont have log files from the failed backups.

UAC is not the problem, it mounts the drive and I can get to most file apart from the windows user area - that is protected in the file system. For some reason I am unable to add my profile as owner, beleive me - I tried.

Is it possible to look at the files without using the mount feature?

In Ghost for instance I can search an image for a file name and recover it to the desktop…


No, it is not possible to look at files from the .cbu backup without mounting the backup.

Thank you for your support !