getting it to run properly after install

OK maybe I don’t know that much about firewalls but after reading great things about comodo I downloaded it and installed it. I do have zone alarm (free) on the PC but rather than uninstalling it I turned it off before install and P
C said I had no protection. After install Comodo said it wanted to check for malware . It found an installer saying it was dangerous so I removed it. I rebooted and the installer came up first (one that I deleted?) nothing happened and my PC froze. After several reboots I found that it was an installer for paper port for my canon scanner and put the CD in and took care of problem. After that I got all kinds of messages do I want this, that e.g.,do you want to recoginize usb wireless adaptor and so on. I couldn’t get firefox to work so I uninstalled comodo. It’s a very impressive program but maybe too complicated for me. Don’t you have a KISS (keep it simple stupid version)?

First of all you cannot run 2 firewall even though ZA is shut off. You need to uninstall it. Secondly what exactly did Comodo find when you did a scan? Did you remove it or just quarantine it? Never just remove something any virus scanner or spyware scanner finds till you verify that the file is dangerous. Sometimes any program can find a virus which is not a virus. Its called a false positive. You should have verified that what Comodo found was a virus and not a system file needed for Windows.

You can upload suspicious files here.

youre right. This time I totally uninstalled zone alarm and reinstalled comodo. It still wanted to do initial scan for malware and I canceled it. So far comodo appears to be OK. It didn’t ask any questions or ask to verify various programs but is just up and running. But I have to admit at least compared to zone alarm the various settings you can use are mind boggling.

Zone Alarm is a firewall and thats it. It is a firewall for people you don’t know alot about computers in my opinion. Comodo is a firewall with HIPS protection. With Comodo you are getting 2 programs in one. A powerful and leaktest proof firewall and a robust Host Intrusion Protection system.