Getting Internet Connection Sharing to work with Comodo

I am new to the firewall thing. I downloaded Comodo tonight and installed it on my computer. I have a router connected to it, I share out the modem on my desktop with my laptop as I don’t have dsl yet. I can’t get the laptop to go on the internet through the desktop computer. The laptop is connecting to the router as I can see files on the desktop, I did configure my network in comodo under my network zones. Cant go on the net even If I disable the firewall, now If I uninstall it works fine? Not sure what to do, I really like comodo and it was working before I installed the firewall. I have my settings right and how the laptop dns settings pointed at the desktop. Would anyone happen to know what might be going on?

Help please!


The My Network Zones does not actually do anything with the IP addresses that you record there. It is really a convenience for writing rules in the other place where you can write rules to govern connections (it also allows you to have a series of IP addresses and IP address ranges defined together in one Zone). Try this: click Firewall>Common Tasks>Stealth Ports Wizard. Select the first entry "Define a new trusted network… " and click Next. On the next screen, select “I would like to trust an existing ‘My Network Zone’” and then click the drop-down beside the empty box below. It will have the network zones you defined before listed. Pick the zone for your LAN and then click Finish. This will write a rule allowing connections within the LAN and Stealthing your ports to outside connection attempts. This should allow the laptop to connect.

Did that already and did it again. It did not work I cannot get my laptop to browse the internet using the desktop as the gateway. I turned off the firewall on both and it still will not work. I can however ping both computers. If I uninstall comodo it works fine. Not really sure what is going on but I can’t get it to work correctly. Any other suggestions?


I’m having the same problem that I’ve talked about in another thread. My secondary computer will not connect to the internet through the main computer with an internet connection with COMODO active. If however I switch COMODO off it connects fine. I’ve added my network to the trusted zone, but nothing seems to work. I wish someone could make ICS work.

Please wait for the upcoming updated version which fixes this.

* FIXED! Internet Connection Sharing(ICS): CFP is now compatible with ICS servers(users will need to answer some popup alerts)

If you want to try the new update, see:
for how to get it.