Getting D+ Alert when shutting down computer

Hi guys, I’m getting a D+ alert right as I’m shutting down my computer. I’m using CIS 5.4 latest version and Windows 7 32 bit enterprise.

Started happening recently I think possibly after a windows update. Here is a screen shot of the log.

[attachment deleted by admin]

You using Avast? Avast was having a problem with that file a while back. I am running WIN 7 x64 Premium SP1 w/Avast 6.x and I am not having any problems with Comodo Defense+ alerts. If you are using Avast, what ver.?

No sir, no avast just CIS. It’s very strange that it would say system to not be trusted. What’s also strange it disappears from the logs after a while too. I just looked for it again and no log anymore.

Check out this link:

Thanks for the link Donz. But I actually figured out how to get rid of the pop up alert.

Went into D+ computer security policy.

Under D+ rules looked for System and chose Edit.

Then chose customize at the Application System Activity Control window.

Then went down the list to Protected files/folders and chose modifty on the right.

Then browsed to the shutdownckcl.etl and added to allowed files.

Presto no more D+ alert pop up. :slight_smile: Hope this helps anybody else who experiences this annoyance that crept out of nowere haha.