Getting certificate error in web browser

I’ve installed our certificate to our web server, following the instructions given in the knowledgebase, restarted the server, but Firefox still complains that it doesn’t trust the server certificate - possibly due to a server misconfiguration.

I’ve re-checked that all the CA certificates appear in the right places, but I am not that comfortable with what the various certificates components do so I am struggling to resolve the issue.

It is not so much of an issue with the web browser, but I am writing a web service which will be running on the site and the program that uses the web service (3rd party program) reports a Server Error 500 when it tries to verify the certificate. This error is not from the web service, as it responds fine when probed directly.

Any suggestions as to what I can do to resolve this?

The site is

  • Niels


On visiting using Opera I get ‘incomplete certificate chain’.
The browser shows the chain as site certificate to EssentialSSL certificate, but it lacks the other intermediates.

That means that your web server is not providing all the certificates.

EssentialSSL has 3 certificates on top of the site certificate, that you need to install.

If you think you have installed them all as per the specific installations then please submit a ticket to support (
Installation instructions for EssentialSSL can be found at:,1