Getting Bombed By Random IP's When Sitting Idle.....

Hello. I’m new to Comodo (been using v3.14 for about a week). I have my firewall security level set to Custom, Alerts set to Medium, and Defense settings at Paranoid. When I am sitting idle my firewall logs are logging massive amounts of blocked UDP requests to “Windows Operating System” through my set utorrent port. This is happening when utorrent is NOT running in my system tray. These denied requests are hitting me within a few seconds of each other. I’ve been searching the IP addresses and they all seem to be from overseas.

Here’s a few of the IP’s that are requesting:,,,,,,,,,,

Any suggestions on what I should do? I’ve ran a full system scan using my Avast! and everything comes out clean. I’ve also used the ESET online scan with no faulty results. Could I possibly have just gotten pinged on one of my downloads??? HELP PLEASE! :-[

Well… This topic has been read 49 times and not one reply. Score one for Comodo’s online assistance. utorrent is free and I’ve already gotten 5 replies from their forum moderators on this topic.

:comodorocks: NOT…

Does this happen straight after you switch on your computer, or after you close uTorrent?

Well I’m not positive, but I believe that the other users of uTorrent still try to connect to your computer, even if uTorrent is closed.

Actually I was looking for the thread that solved this issue for you, but I also responded to another topic aswell, so here it is
this issue has been brought up many times before, when you close/stop using any torrent client, people are still going to try to connect to you and get whatever it is you are seeding. Why you may ask, because those clients dont realize that you are no longer available/online, your side of the connecting does not send out a message saying you are going offline dont try to access my part of the torrent etc.

Thanks man… Guess I was just a little premature with the a**hole remark… Thanks for the help, that link answered everything I needed. After talking to the guys on the utorrent forum and reading the post you provided, I’ve gotten everything resolved. Thanks for your help! My apologies for bein a ■■■■■■ :stuck_out_tongue:

Also to be fair
You created the topic “almost 1:00 A.M. in the morning”
March 03, 2010, 12:57:07 AM

Also we are just volunteers here ( Most people here like helping other people ) Also try to understand for future reference, helping someone online will always be harder then helping someone in person. Although we can almost always figure it out on the forums.

This topic has been read 49 times and not one reply
Of the 49 times, I'm willing to bet that some of them didn't know the answer to your problem or weren't sure. BTW, Trying to rush things to get a answer, can be a quick way to get a WRONG answer. WOULD you respond with some inappropriate remarks???