Getting a Webcam to work with messanger programs.

Hi everyone, I’ve had this problem for a while now, not sure where to post this question since I don’t know what its related to, so put it in the off topic.

I have problems running my web cam, I get blue screens of no transmission on both Windows Live Messenger and on Yahoo Messenger.

My camera runs completely fine on AMCAP Direct Show Video Capture, has all the options available which was said on the help sites for both messenger applications to say that its usable for these programs but unsure why it doesn’t work. I run Windows XP Service Pack 2, and the versions of Messenger programs are for Live, Build 8.5 and for Yahoo! Build 9.0

Dose this have something to do with my ports or the Comodo Firewall is there anything additional I have to add to this to get help?

I have recently Removed an older firewall to install Comodo, and have tried my best to follow the tutorials to set up a web cam on both the Live and Yahoo help sites.

The Camera I use is a HNC SN9C201.

Hi Rotcelfer

Welcome to the Comodo forum

You should not have any trouble with Comodo Firewall and a web cam using Live Messenger anyway. (I haven’t tried Yahoo).

In application rules of Network Security policy I have only one custom rule Allow IP out from IP any to IP any where protocol is any.

In Computer Policy of D+ I have only one custom rule as well.

You can remove all policies for Messenger and restart it, checking allow and remember. The same for your webcam if you have any rules for it. This will make new rules for you. Or you can put firewall and D+ in training mode when you start Messenger and it will make your rules. Then be sure you put them back to what they were before, either safe mode or clean PC mode.

Let us know if you get it working.