Getchyer IceDragon v38.0.5.2 here

Once you read this you’ll unnerstan why I believe that CID upgrade fails. THANX CID egg-head slide-ruler guyz. :-La

Yesh! :a0

I’ve been getting notices that the FF v26 based IceDragon is on the precipice of being unsupported by various web-sites, I began to toy with FF v38.0.5 for a while and ultimately ascertained that I could in fact get the upgrade to work good last long time.

WARNING: the most current version CID is an upgrade from v26 to v38 and blows through the ceiling of v34 and solidly into Australis territory. There are some noteworthy changes to the GUI and its functionality. When you read that last sentence your lips should be moving to the sound of “some plug-ins may be broken, others that were version constrained are upgradeable several major version releases and functionality of previously existing plugin / extensions may be significantly different than previous behavior.”

Before you play with IceDragon upgrade, disable auto-update of extensions / plugins, and moroever, ensure that auto-update of the browser is also disabled; when I installed FF v38 final, i.e. intermediate 0, minor 0, in short order it updated to v38.0.6 and in one fell swooooop went to v39. Do yourself a flavor and stick with one version until you get ported from v26 to v38 and then open the doors to irrational over-exuberant upgrade mayhem.

Once you’ve installed FEBE v8.1.3 into existing CID v26, export a complete profile w/ a copy of FEBE in the backup. Once you’ve done that you can always get back to square -1 by importing the backup. FWIW: always do a complete profile BKUP before updating extensions / plugins.

Now you can install the IceDragon v38.0.5.2 - per the above URL - browser. I’d recommend that you choose the ‘remove all vapor of pre-existing IceDragon’ option and then install again to install for real. I’ve found that both FF & CID leave their profiles out there and that enhance misery of those cornfused by what’s going on. You should avoid the nightmare. Maybe that’s why the update doesn’t work; CID engineers in their infinite wisdom broke the auto-update.

Anyways, once you have a clean CID v38.0.5.2 installed, then you can install FEBE v8.1.3 - out of the FEBE profile backup folder - because, otherwise, the backup can’t be read / restored with later version of FEBE; you can ONLY restore FEBE backup with the version of FEBE that made the backup. Create a complete profle backup.

Now you will need to create a secondary profle. In the FEBE cpl, click CREATE NEW PROFILE and name it anything, e.g., FRED or ALTERNATE. Once you’ve done that, click FEBE cpl ‘Firefox Start Options’ and choose ‘Use Profile Manager’. Then close CID and restart it. When it starts it’ll present the profile choice manager. Choose the ‘alternate’ and once CID has launched, make sure all browser, extension and plugin updates auto-updates are disabled; that happens faster than you can think. Then install FEBE ‘from file’ - out of the backup you made previously - into the ‘alternate’ profile. Once you have FEBE installed in your ‘alt’ profile, then you can restore any proflle to you any proflle that’s not active. Here is how you restore the CID v26 profile into CID v38.0.5.2 what will utlimately be the default acive profile. You will be warned what extensions / plugins are incompatible, and all that.

You may have to terminate the FEBE restore profile-script and re-launch the FEBE restore-profile - it’lll warn you / appear to lock your system - but atypically I’ve found that it usually works the second time around. When all is works good last long times, you’ll get a message the profile has been restored.

Now that you have the old CID v26 profile into the new CID v38 installation, the very first thing I’d recommend: update extensions, i.e., FEBE most especialy, and then backup the existing profile using the most current FEBE in the most current CID v38.0.5.2

Once you’re at this point you can migrate a profile from CID v38 to FF v38 / v39 - or versa vica: provided the browser has the corresponding version of FEBE installed.

Fundamentally: you need to be able to toggle between at leat two different profiles in either FF or CID and provided the versions are compatible, they’ll accomodate the plugins / extensions in similar fashion.

BTW: once you are up-to-date, by all means turn on the CID update notification.