Get version 3 back to installation default settings

Hi — I got complacement with the uninstall of Comodo 2.4 and install of version 3, 2 weeks ago and didn’t keep an image or a make a restore point. Also unlike my usual computing behaviour I changed some version 3 settings without really understanding what I was doing and without documenting my changes. This version has gone beyond my PC geek quotient, and I don’t have time in in my life right now to master the intricacies. I have no confidence in what level of protection my system is at. Is there an easy way to set CFP3 to its installation default settings? Also if I decide to unistall and go back to version 2.4 is there anything special I have to do to get a clean uninstall?? ---- Wirechuck

I would recommend a complete uninstallation.

I am considering a reinstallation myself of CFP within the next few days, barring a significant update containing bug fixes.

For uninstalling, perform the following.

First, download a fresh copy of CFP if you have not done so. Then create a manual System Restore point:

  1. Disable your Internet connection.
  2. Shut down CFP from the system tray. (It’s unlikely you can terminate the process “cmdagent.exe” from Task Manager; just allow it to continue running during uninstallation.)
  3. Shut down your anti-virus application from the system tray and terminate any remaining AV processes running in Task Manager.
  4. In Task Manager, shut down all other unnecessary processes. (A program such as EndItAll will make this easier.)
  5. Uninstall CFP from the Control Panel Add/Remove applet.
  6. Reboot when prompted at the end of the uninstallation routine.
  7. After rebooting, delete all temporary files on your system. These are found in several directories, so be thorough.
  8. Use a registry cleaner to scour any remnants of CFP from your system. (jv16 PowerTools is a good choice, and there are others.)
  9. If you are comfortable doing so, perform a manual search in the registry for any references to “Comodo” and delete them. Backup your entire registry first! If you do not know how to do this, skip the manual search.

For reinstallation, perform the following (this applies to installing any version of CFP):

  1. If you re-enabled your Internet connection after rebooting, disable it again.
  2. Perform Steps 3 and 4 above.
  3. Create a manual System Restore point.
  4. Install CFP 3.0. As the installation proceeds, write down each choice you make for various features. Alternately, take screen shots of each selection and paste them onto a WordPad or NotePad document. This is time-consuming, I know, but you will then have a complete history of your initial installation.

Believe me, you probably have a lot of company. I hope this helps.