Get Trustconnect for Smart-phone

I recently purchased a “smart phone” by which I can send e-mails and access the Internet. Can I get Trustconnect for this phone?

TC supports connection by PPTP, so if your device includes PPTP client you may try it.

Look here:


This can help you.

vadim, thanks for the reply. I have a Korean Samsung smart-phone and tried using the instructions in the top link that you sent. I entered the “us1…” in the example and don’t know if I was able to connect to the Trustconnect server or not because I was not asked for any information. However, after I pressed “OK” after I attempted using the “us1…,” the screen showed that PPPP (or something like that) was encrypted. However, when I checked later, there were no VPN setting showing??? Anyway, thanks for the response.

Is your smartphone Android-powered? If yes, this link might be useful:

Just the conversation I was looking for. I have no problem connectiing CTC via my iPad 3 using the link above. I can also connect with my samsung galaxy 2 smartphone, however, though my smartphone can connect I lose all web connectivity via CTC afterwards on the same. No problems with my laptop, or ipad.

How can I amend this issue? When I close CTC on the smartphone all web activity again becomes active. Thanks for any help you can give me, I really can’t figure this one out. ???

Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Try to specify IP of your DNS server (or Google Public DNS, addresses and in “DNS search domains” of VPN settings.