Get IObit Security 360™ PRO For Free Legally


I maybe wrong, but doesn’t IObit Security 360 uses Malwarebytes engine ???

yes, you are wrong ;D

Thanks alot LaserWraith

I think better use Comodo IS oder Rising AV or IS Free, both are freeware.
And they are IMO a lot better as this offer… :wink:

I take a try in Vitualbox of it, OK, nice Porg. but not so effektiv like the other i`ve suggested.

And, take a look at languy99`s reviews, Rising is a fine peace of Software IMHO.

Pardone my bad english…


I know…and I didn’t get IObit. I just posted this in case some others wanted it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again LaserWraith.
I’ve been comment to your blog too. :slight_smile:

I noticed…thanks! :slight_smile:

Did you read more on my site? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m subscribe via RSS already. ;D

I maybe wrong, but doesn't IObit Security 360 uses Malwarebytes engine Huh

I guess I was right :BNC

…theres nothing like watching the watcher watch you…
this topic was started oct 17

yes, you are wrong Grin

11/3/2009 I am right :BNC

I think IObit may not use Malwarebytes engine, but they do steal MB’s sigs.