Get BOClean on Filehippo

Very active site the people that run it always have the latest updates and they have great software on their but its not too bloated… I’ve already suggested BOClean but obviously one or two people isn’t going to cut it so please! Go to the site and request that Comodo BOClean be added to the anti-spyware section. And heck maybe while your there suggest CAVS to be on their too or other great software like Counterspy.

I agree, it’s a great website. 10-15 of the programs I use are downloaded from Filehippo. Really fast updates, new versions of several programs almoste every day!


Filehippo : is also one of my favorite download sites :slight_smile: But I should wait untill version 4.24 comes out :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Since 4.24 is out… Let’s get it on Filehippo!!

Can anyone tell me (and i hope this ain’t a stupid question which has been answered elsewhere) how you can tell what version of Boclean you are using?
Oh and while i’m at it when i press the manual update button i now get a message saying Authenticating…when i use to get a new box open explaining that no new download is required?

It’s not a stupid question! It’s not obvious since there isn’t any real “About” button. What you could do is to press “Configure BOClean” from the menu, and check the “Location of BOClean database file”, go to the end of the line and you’ll see the filename - e.g. BOC424.XVU. There it is :wink:


Or else you can go to the installation folder (DEgault :C:\Program Files\Comodo\CBOClean) and the exe is named by the version name! But the earlier method is much easier!

I wonder why they don’t hav the version stated on the UI?


Thanks for the info, i’ll be sure to take a look.

Can someone post the link to where i can find the differences between the latest and older versions of Boclean? I always keep my software up to date but am just interested as to the improvements that have been made

(B) Cheers.