Hi Guys,

I was wanting to know if GesWall with work with Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.3. I tried it and it worked fine until I re booted. A red X came up on the GeSwall icon and would not do anything. Not sure if they play well together or not. :slight_smile:



GeSWall doesn’t conflict with Comodo. I have Comodo Firewall with GeSWall and I have done for ages and I have experienced no conflicts. Your installation of GeSWall may have been corrupt. Try repair installing it.

Thanks for the reply. I will try to reinstall and see what happens. ;D

I really like the way the program works.


Do you have a 32 bit OS? Geswall is NOT 64 bit ready at the moment and doesn’t work in 64 bit environments.

Thanks for the help guys ! I reinstalled Geswall and everything is working great. Sorry for the late post but just getting back from a business trip. :slight_smile: