GESWALL, CavEmSrv.exe & Outlook 2003

After reading a post in the CPF forum about a GESWALL users issue, I decided to give the application a try as it did sound pretty interesting what i did.

Once installed, when I opened outlook, GESWALL put it in isolation mode… downloaded my e-mails and noticed that CAV wasn’t scanning the mail ???

I checked the GESWALL log and found entries like…
2006.07.20 23:02:35 OUTLOOK.EXE DENY 4A message to CavEmSrv.exe (Process)
… so I guess GESWALL blocked CavEmSrv from scanning e-mails?

Anyone have this combination working together?

mOngOd this is what geswall does. It isolates the applications that run under Geswall from the rest of the system so that they cannot harm your pc. :wink:

oh well… i was hoping it was a config tweak in GESWall to allow CAV to still do it’s job too.

Just submit CAV over the geswall. Probably they will fix it

good plan