GeSWall 2.9 Released

2.9 has been released ;D
Enjoy hassle free security 8)

Most important updates:

GeSWall works on Windows 7 now
Application Wizard runs with UAC enabled on Windows Vista and Window 7
Proper support of
Internet Explorer 8
Live Messenger
Live Mail
File streams over trusted files, thanks to Henk
Trusted files renaming fix , thanks to ubuntu
File redirection fix
ReadOnly permission fix
Fix of per-application rules priority over confidential resources
Fix of “Disable GeSWall Policy”
Network rules with * wild card
The next major update is GeSWall 3.0 that would include support for 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7.

well kyle.thank you,this is a great share. i am as much impressed by this released as i was deceived by the previous one. A valuable complement to comodo and threatfire. THANK YOU :wink:

I cant wait for the 64 bit support.

64bit is what i need. Does anyone know when the 64bit version of geswall will be available?

Oh, I just noticed this. Hmm…I guess I should update. :slight_smile:

I also hope that the 64bit version will have the same security level as the 32. And they haven’t removed parts just to make it compatible.