Gestures not working in Comodo

While browsing in other browsers I use mouse gestures a lot (scrolling, go back).
In Dragon the back and forward gestures don’t seem to work (swiping three fingers lrft-right or right-left).
Is there a particular reason for that?
I use a Lenovo laptop with windows 8 and synaptics pointer device (they call it finger flicks)

Hi and welcome bbill,
Mouse gestures can be added with the use of an extension.
Try an extension like the example below, or search the chrome web store for other mouse gestures extensions.
Smooth Gestures
Kind regards.

Thanks captainsticks!
I tried your suggestions and it actually works. At first I thought it wouldn’t because this handles typical mouse movements and keyboard short cuts, but somehow it records a three finger swipe. It’s not as flawless as the system gestures, but it works.

Still keeps me wondering why Dragon doesn’t work with Synaptics system settings, while the rest of the programs do. Afaik at this level it’s not a program feature but a system wide windows driver (synaptics). The other gestures work fine though (scrolling with 2 fingers, minimize window with 4 fingers). I suppose Dragon uses different commands for back and forward than other programs (i.e. Chrome, photo viewers etc.)?

Hi bbill,
There maybe other extensions that suite your requirements better.
AFAIK mouse gestures were generally program features, but with the release of Win 8 this has possibly changed.
I am not familiar with how Win 8 handles gestures as I do not have a Win 8 system, sorry.