Germany and the spyware

I’m not sure if you guys are all aware that, Germany, has now officially approved a law that will allow police forces to, supposedly, spy on allegedly terrorists, using for that trojan horses.

It seems, that such measure, won’t only be happening within, but also outside Germany.

How will they know someone is a terrorist? Will they know I am not one? How? They will have to be spying on me to know that, right?

Will other countries’s governments be fine with it? Won’t even care?

How do security vendors see it? Will their security apps detect such trojan horses or spyware, or will be just ignored?

How does Comodo see it? Will Comodo users be protected from this attemptive to invade one’s privacy?

Say your thoughts.

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“But Hartmut Pohl, an expert with Germany’s Association for Computer Technology, expressed doubts the measure would be successful, pointing out that most suspects are technologically savvy enough to recognize and remove the Trojans from their hard drives.”

I agree, I don’t think it would be very effective. I’m sure security companies won’t ignore it just because government is trying to put it to good use, because it’s still malware and still invades user’s privacy.

Indeed. Malware is always malware, used in good or bad attentions. We should not allow it to happen even if our countries presidents and other “leaders” would approve and make an law that gives police and militaryforces the right to use Malware. Actually Germany is nto the only country allowing privacy of normal people to be broken, since if i remember correctly, they will start to telelistening on the border between Finland and Russia. Possibly somesort of man in the middle attack aswell to see if e-mails contain anything concerning terrorists.

The Australian Government is attempting to introduce nationwide ISP filtering to block child ■■■■■■■■■■■, terrorist related activity, etc.

Does this expand the definition of malware?

[at) Australian Government - can you even spell “encryption”?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hahahaa, our government just fell (again), and that after 1,5 years of struggling …

Well yeah, we’ll see what the future brings (probably revoting :))