German Translation

Hello. My English is very bad, so it would be nice to get a german translationfile for CIS. Kind regards - ostfriese

thanks for the german translation, but there is an error while installation.
in the germen install routin a folder with “/” (for components) in the name would generate - and on this point the installer aborts with an error!
its possible to install COMODO CIS in english and shift the language to german.

sry i don´t find a place to tell that in the forum, so i inform the community in this thread !ot!

I think you could post it in Deutsche Übersetzung für CIS 4.0.x.716 RC.

I also got this error and changed the string. So hopefully the installer will work the next time.
Sorry, but I’ve no chance to test this part of the installer myself and I don’t know, when an update will be released.
And yes, you can change to the German language afterwards on the “More…” tab, “Settings” → “Language”

Kind regards

Thanks for your reply Mike.

Here is a german files for CIS 4