German Language Pack for IceDragon created!

I have created a German XPI file that is working fine for me.

1.Download the file and unrar it.

  1. Install ist

3.After you have installed it, you must change the following settings:

type in the adress bar

about: config

than search for:


and change:

en-US to de-DE

4.Restart IceDragon.

PS: More languages by request!

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Post updatet


Can you send the file to the developer for integrate it

Hi berry177,

I downloaded the file, but can´t install it. I tried “Install Add-on From File…” several times, but the xpi wasn´t installed.

But there I have another xpi on my desktop, and this one also doesn´t install. Is it possible IceDragon has genereal problems with installing the xpi from local PC?
I use IceDragon

Would there be another option to use your file? E.g. “Extract it and copy the conten to this directrory…”

Thanks a lot in advance!!! :slight_smile: