German government plans to spy on terror suspects with trojans..

German government plans to spy on terror suspects by deploying malicious e-mails have drawn sharp criticism.

Yet another “privacy vs. terrorism” issue.
That choice is not very difficult for me.

Fight terror with terror. That’s one interesting solution. :smiley:

I guess they’ll be sending trojans to email accounts known by them to belong to terrorist suspects, not flooding as many people as possible…

Sooo… They’ll get to spy on the dumb terrorists that will open spam attachments and infect their own machines? While the not-so-stupid terrorists that won’t get their machines infected will be unaffected? And the whole thing is public so now every terrorist knows about it? Yay sounds effective. 88)

so for terrorism force to maximizingly mitigate the loss that mite come from dumb terrorists, they should educate their force to use CFP3 !

The rest of them badd*es will obviously be captured by being offered the free

SKODA Firewall.

I am sure :slight_smile:

Dieses Freeware-Tool ist eine neue Desktop-Firewall für Windows - sie präsentiert sich als kleines, kompaktes Tool und trägt zu ein wenig mehr Sicherheit während Ihrer Internet-Besuche bei.

Translation: This freebie is a NU DT Firewoll for Windose - it presents itself as a lil compact tool and adds A LIL BIT MORE SECURITY when visiting the www.

well said.
PLEASE STOP THE TERROR! (including Windows malfunctions…)

When there is, someday, in some mytholocigal future, a VOLVO firewall being offered for free, we all will use it. Harder than steel :slight_smile: