Genuine or Pirated?

I got Office 2003 Pro from a frd & installed on 3 genuine systems, 2 Win 7 64 & 1 XP 32. Installed fine on all the systems & didn’t asked for anything like activation, etc… Works & updates through Windows Updates fine on all the systems.

How do I know if its genuine or pirated?

If you click Activate Product on the Help menu what message do you see?
Are you sure that now Office doesn’t runs in reduced-functionality mode?

Installing the same Office 2003 on 3 different systems concurrently doesn’t sound right anyway… does the license allow for that?

It runs fully funtional. Activate mentions already activated.

I dont know about license but works fine on all the systems.

By the way, does compatibility pack for office supports office 2010 & 2013?

Then it looks fishy to me. ???

Why not use Open Office or Libre Office? You would not be risking pirated software and would be compatible with more current MS Office. Libre Office is under constant development.


I think it’s safe to assume that if you got it from a friend and it says that it’s already activated when you install it, then it’s not legitimate… 88)

Only corporate licenses behave this way, and I’m assuming your friend isn’t a corporation.

As rodpal said, just use OpenOffice or LibreOffice (I prefer Libre) and you don’t have anything to worry about.

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