Gentle security's LeakWall

i see the makers of Geswall have released a interesting new product called Leakwall.

Loss of customer account details, exposure of confidential information, stealing of sensitive data are typical data leak cases that cost companies up to 5% of revenue every year.

Insiders, employees and contractors who have authorized access to confidential data, are liable for 70% of total data leaks. The leaks take place at desktop and laptop computers due to

copying of confidential files to USB and CD/DVD drives, printers, PDAs and other devices;
Sending of sensitive data over network and the internet;
Loss of laptops and portable media.
GentleSecurity’s solution, LeakWall, is a content filtering software that is installed at desktop or laptop computers and monitors all data leak channels across networks and via devices.

Strange thing is you cant download it you can just request a live demo, whatever that is. If only they would just put more time into Geswall and release version3. Seems like an interesting product though looks like its aimed at businesses.

Hi MetalShaun ,

So what is this free download at the right & the 1st item is LeakWall 1.5.9 ???

***edit *** Oh! I see … it still displaying that form to fill in :slight_smile:


when you click the download button it takes you to the demo request page. Thought i had been proper stupid for a moment there. lol


I edited my post above already - so I was “proper stupid for a moment” ;D

It happens to the best of us.

Also what is a product sheet?


Interesting :smiley: But I think that GeSWall might roll over… cause AFAIK there aren’t many people at GentleSecurity…

It seems to me that the “Product sheet” is the same thing meaning = “LeakWall Demo Request”
… or… they made a typo regarding “double e” ;D