Generic Host Process for Win32 Services is trying to connect to the Internet

Listed below is the warning I get from comodo. This just started recently and I wondered what the cause was. Any help would be appreciated.

Apllication svchost.exe
Remote IP: Port : upnp-mcast(190c
Parent: services.exe

Security Considerations

D:\windows.0\explorer.exe has tried to use svchost.exe through OLE Automation, which can be used to hijack other applications. explorer.exe might be using svchost.exe to connect to the internet

I think this is due to the recent microsoft updates resulting in a change in the signature for svchost which causes CFP to ask about the file when it previously did not. I think you would be safe to allow this.


Yeah, lots of people posted about this after August’s updates.
It’s safe to allow it. Don’t know why it needs port 190 tho.


Comodo logs these as “high severity events”.

I just switched from ZA to Comodo today and got three when I first rebooted. I was looking all over to see if this was safe. I see others have been worried too.

That’s a safe one, updates altered svchost and OLE automations in some way that the current non-beta comodo doesn’t recognize it as safe.