General question,not an attack

That is exactly the point!
unfortunately there is no 100% detection. Everyone detects something and doesn’t detect some others. That is one of the biggest problems with detection technologies and BOClean fits within the layered defense.


Are some of these people actually annoyed because they haven’t been infected so BOClean has something to do? I hope my BOClean NEVER springs into action. To use an earlier example, I hope I never have an accident with my car. But you can bet your ■■■ I’ll keep my collision insurance. ;D

twl845, it seems like binnda has been infected without BOClean to react. As for pugmug, I don’t know.

I agree with you on the car, as well as for my BOClean. qwerty has a good point with the BOClean system resources, they are low in relation to the potential benefit.

(but to tell you the truth, I’m sometimes a little tempted to visit a nasty website, and see what happens to BOClean :D)


Go ahead and try. I know I wouldn’t buy a car without testing it first ;D. But please do so with caution like create a restore point or backup or on a test machine.

So you would actually crash a car when testing it :smiley:

Seriously, I made a quick visit on some “warez” sites. Decided not to download any keygen, from two reasons: I don’t know if it’s legal to download a keygen or a ■■■■■ (even though you don’t apply it to any program), and I don’t feel like reinstalling the system right now. So I had an innocent play with fire. :wink:


Perhaps it’s better to leave the testing to experts (like to report statistics or something).

Absolutely. I only have one machine and one separate backup.