General installation tips and tricks wanted

I think that it would have been very helpful if Comodo had given us an “installation advices and tips”. There are too many errors when upgrading to release 4.XX, just browse through the topics on the forum to get an overwiev of all problems. This is not what I expect from a proffessional software supplier. How should one actually behave and what steps to take ? For example :

  1. Must I remove the old version before installing the new one, or can I install 4.XX on the old one ?

  2. Are all settings and rules saved ? If not, which action ? Exporting all rules and then importing them into the new installation ?

  3. Are there different installation procedures depending on which Window release I am running ? Is it possible to install release 4.XX on Windows XP SP 3 ?

  4. In the user manual there is a tip when Comodo detect’s an internet connection after installation and you are connecting to internet or a local net for the first time. The tip is about which action to take when Comodo suggest’s the name of the detected network - to keep it and not to type in an own name. In the manual it says that most users should keep the name suggested. Why ? What happens if I don’t ? Will it result in some error ?

I had so many problems with my installation so I used the system restore and went back to the old release 3 again.

All these flaws must be taken care of by Comodo and not as today by the users, we are not Comodos Guinea pigs. :-TD

Sorry but for me when changing between major revisions (and I speak for any software not only CIS) is better to start from scratch. i.e. uninstall old version and install/configure new one.
This ALWAYS save me from troubles.

Here’s my advice for upgrading to V 4.1. Please follow the following steps.

  1. From what I understand even if you import your configuration from V3 it may slow you down with V4, so if that isn’t a big deal for you then I wouldn’t worry about backing it up and then importing it into the new version.

  2. Uninstall CIS using Revo Uninstaller. Just start the program (Revo) and wait until Comodo Internet Security is listed. Then choose to uninstall it using the moderate search option. After uninstalling it normally it will search and find any pieces left over. Delete all options in bold.

  3. Restart.

  4. Download the latest version of CIS from the website and install:
    Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security

It should work fine on any OS later than XP SP2.

Also, here’s my advice on how to configure the settings:;msg406533#msg406533

You should be able to rename it to whatever you want. I’ve never had any problem with it.

Thanks for your advices and tips. I will try to install it again next week.