geforce graphic card problem with comodo

I had seen threads or description obout conflicts between comodo and geforce graphic adapter or something like that.
I coudent find it to resolve the sudden restart of my home computer. could anyone help me to find it? ???

Welcome to the forum.
I have GeForce and I don’t have any problems.
I haven’t seen any threads about conflicts between the two either…
Do you think that your computer restarted because of a conflict?
Which version of the firewall do you use?
Which OS do you use?
Did you get a minidump? (usually in C:\Windows\Minidump)

yes, I think had seen it somewhere in the site. but i paid not enough attention.
after uninstalling the Comodo (Pro RC1) it didn’t restart anymore. before installing, it hadn’t such restarts also.
my system is xp-sp2. there is no minidump dir there.
Thanks to respond.

Hi nr

I also do not remember seeing any reported conflicts between CFP & nVidia. I’m sure I would have noticed, since I also have an GeForce card.

There have been some reports on the latest RCs suspecting ATI drivers… but, I don’t believe any of these have been proved/confirmed. These relate to the BSOD errors on start-up since RC2. You’ll find these in the RC4 topic here. Its large because of the discussions & tests relating directly to the BSOD at startup error.

Thanks again
I reinstalled windows, avast, adaware, spyboat (but this course with no tea timer) and Comodo Firewall Pro RC4.
fortunately have seen it calm! (:WAV)