Looks like there are users. I have installed and attempted to use. I get a licensing question after I install.

I looked at other posts and have not changed the name of the download. Looks as though it is still in beta. Can I use this product and if I can what should I do to clear up the licensing issue. Any idea how much this product might cost?

Just in case I was not clear.

Went to the site, set up an account, downloaded and installed the application. I run it and get this licensing box. Is there a beta license key? Is there a beta test sign up somewhere?

Should this program work(for free/evaluation)? Looking to use in place of Logmein and teamviewer…

Thanks for input.

I presume this is still valid.

Right. I saw that earlier. No I did not change the name of the file. Thanks for the suggestion.

I repaired the installation and that seems to have done the trick. I can see the console and generate the code now.

I believe I had to restart after the repair. Thanks for the help.

Sorry I could not help you much.

Thanks for posting back and explaining how you fixed it :slight_smile: