i called geegbuddies first and was disconnected i started a chat and this is the help i got. how else can i get help?

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Me:you guys are not a honest company
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Chase: Hello! Welcome to GeekBuddy, the 24/7 live PC support service. This is your buddy Chase. How can I help you today?
Me:just wanted yopur product out of my system now your geek buddy wont instal so i’m stuck with your product. now i have to pay someone to get this out of my comp[uter because its wrapped into my system so hard i’m scared to mess with it. fyi: i was virus attacked several weeks ago and “COMODO” got reemed by those viris’s, shut down and has not worked since.
Chase: I am more than happy to help you with that. Can I have your E-mail address? This will let me know your account status.
Me:[at] but i got this from my mother who is no longer with us. she was using it and i have no-way to verify if she bought it or not
Me:i’m not seeking help to repair or looking to blame anyone i just want it out of my system
Chase: May I know the reason why you want to uninstall Geekbuddy?
Me:look up about 3 comments
Me:your product failed to stop, a virus. the virus totallt destroyed theComodo
Me:like i said i’m just asking for help to get it out of my system
Me:my uninstalling cannot uninstal it.
Chase: If you us to fix the issue for virus , we can also also provide you the technical support.Let me provide you steps to unstall the program.
Me:i’m ready
Chase: Go to control panal—> select program and features—> hight the Geekbuddy—> Click uninstall or remove.
Chase: Highlight the Geekbuddy.
Me:it says “the feature your trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable”
Me:or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package CFP_Setup.msi
Chase: Do you see the Geekbuddy under the programs and features?
Me:not there
Chase: In that case, It is not there in your computer.
Me:the virus really scrambled my files. i had to reinstal windows XP. but this is the only thing i am having problems with now.
Me:i have uninstalled all the other issues but only partially with COMODO. i’m not sure what to do
Chase: This is the for the problem of virus not for the Geekbuddy.
Me:well, since your product let it through i figured y’all would at least help uninstall it
Me:can you help?
Chase: I would like to inform you that the program will detect the threats however you might given the authentication.
Me:it totally stopped your program and turned it off
Chase: I can help you to fix the issue however to proceed further you have to subscribe Geekbuddy since you have free version of Comodo.
Me:how do i do that? and how do you know it is free
Chase: Do you pay when you get the program?
Me:your not listening Chase. i told you my now dead mother had the program i dont know or know how to verify if she did or did not
Me:i’m not asking you to fix my computer i’m asking you to get it off of my computer
Chase: I understand however i need to know whether you have purchase the program or not. Do you have any email address or Order number?
Chase: Can you help me with the name of the program that you have?
Me:ok chase here is the deal. cant verify. can you get this off my computer? yes or no
Chase: What do you you want me to take off?
Me:the COMODO program. I went to the COMODO site and it directed me to You.
Chase: Go to control panal—> select program and features—> hight the Comodo —> Click uninstall or remove.
Chase: Highlight the Comodo
Me:You know what Chase. You guys are GeekBullies. i’,m sending a copy of this thread to Comodo and Vipre and COMODO’s competitors and every friend I know who will send it to everyone they think will read it and re-act. have a good night Chase. We allready did what you are asking. I m not going to be part of your fun.
Chase: Is there anything else that I can help you with?
Me:update that resume’
Chase: What is that?
Me:A document used to get a job
Chase: What is the issue that you are having now?
Me:I contacted you on advisement from Comodo. you think you can play games with a customer seeking help and there will be no consequesces?
Chase: Geekbuddy is a service provided by Comodo.
Chase: GeekBuddy provides unlimited 24/7 remote support for all PC problems. It is similar to having a personal IT professional at the fraction of the cost. Our experts will clean your PC of malware, setup email accounts, printers, install and uninstall software and solve almost any computer issue all while you watch on screen!
Chase: Important Features of the GeekBuddy Service are, Virus Diagnosis / Removal, PC Tune Up, Email SetUp, Internet and Online Identity Security, Printer SetUp, Software Installation, Green PC (identify and eliminate basic hardware and software conflicts in your Windows PC), Computer Troubleshooting, Disk Junk, Boot Time Optimization, and solving critical Registry problems.
Chase: Is there anything else that I can help you with?
Me:good try. read through this thread chase. i’m 47 years old and will not take your snot nosed BS. I called and left a message at the COMODO sales office. when they return my call i will forward this entire communication to them. we are done.
Chase: Thanks.
Chase: Thank you for your time! Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future if you need assistance or additional information related to our security products and services. We will appreciate your feedback in our Online Survey.
Chase: Customer Care Survey for Sales
Me:whether you lose your job or not chase. you should
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Hi nothelped,
While the chat appears a little obscure to me with maybe a language barrier causing a hindrance, I fail to see where you were being bullied by ‘Chase’.
It appears that the system in question has numerous issues.

If you care to individualize the issues and post a request for help in the appropriate section using a polite tone, some members maybe able to help solve the issues with the system.
Install / Setup / Configuration Help - CIS
Virus/Malware Removal Assistance

Thank you.

thanks for the the response. like geekbuddies it was not helpful with directing me to a source that could actually help me get this product out of my computer. i contacted another vendor and they easily took care of the problem, explained what happened and never once blamed me for causing this to happen. all i was asking is for assistance to remove COMODO from my system. once i said that it did not stop a virus geekbuddies became very defensive instead of helpfull. I did become impatient when asked the same questions over and over and given the exact same inneffective directives to solve the problem on the phone and chat. I had no idea it would be such a big deal to remove this product. I hope someone at COMODO cares enough to understand a non-COMODO vender resolved this problem in less than a minute and did not blame the consumer while doing it. In geekbuddies defense I did contact them last week too but had an emergency and had to cut the call short. I wish i could remember his name because he was very helpfull and almost had me convinced to start over with COMODO. Im sure COMODO has records, i entered the same contact info. Word of advise COMODO should focus on helping the customer and not be defensive. save that for your internal “how can we improve” conversations. because of the problems I had last night I do not trust your company. Concerning that chat thread, check the log and see how long it took to get a response too each question and it may help you understand my frustration. the thread looks like it took maybe a minute to complete when the total time was probably 40 minutes. I went outside and smoked a cigaret waiting for a response at one time. If this is COMODOs idea of good customer service you wont last long.

Hi nothelped,
Good to hear that you have got it sorted. :-TU
Please note: I am not Staff, but I will mention this topic to Staff.