Geekbuddy - uninstall is not working.

Hi, I’m running 64-bit Windows 7 and some months ago installed GeekBuddy, currently version 3.3.217083.59.

I have never registered GeekBuddy nor obtained a license key for it.

Now I want to uninstall it but am having problems:
a) in Control Panel / Programs and Features, Comodo Geek Buddy is not on the list.
b) in Start / All Programs / COMODO / COMODO Geek Buddy there is an entry to ‘Uninstall COMODO GeekBuddy’ but when I choose it, it says it cannot find uninstall.exe (and neither can I when I browse to do so).

It does seem that GeekBuddy is still installed, because it appears in my system tray and comes up with a Welcome Screen if I choose to open it. Could anyone help me please with what seems to be a partial un-installation? Many thanks.

Hi joparish and welcome,
The unofficial Uninstaller tool for Comodo products is worth trying in these types of situations.

It worked! ;D Thank you very much, Captainsticks, for your prompt and effective response. I am most grateful. :-TU

You are welcome, glad to hear that it worked. :slight_smile:
Kind regards.