Geekbuddy reviewed by Neil Rubenking

A Comodo VP assured me that this isn't normal protocol. [b]The techs should go to any length to solve the problem, even as far as buying me a Recovery Disk.[/b] I didn't ask for that, given the test system is only a virtual machine. The lesson here is, if you don't think you're getting the help you deserve, demand more.

Thats pretty interesting and amazing! :o
Is that statement true?


Bravo for COMODO and its customers (:CLP)

Tenacity is a good thing here. :-TU

Nice :slight_smile: :-TU

Although it would be nice to count with some kind of PRIVACY OPTION for the geekbuddy customer when entering credit card information while a remote session is live. This because websites will not mask the credit card number, security code, etc.

Something like HIDE/BLACK SCREEN to the technician while customer is entering and processing the payment.
Then SHARE SCREEN BACK after the process.