GeekBuddy ready to help! Pls give this Instant Messenger address to everyone

geekbuddy[at] for Hotmail
mygeekbuddy[at] for Yahoo
geekbuddy[at] for Live

pls give the above IM address (swap “[at]” with [nobbc]@[/nobbc]) to everyone you know that needs help. This will give them access to our Geeks who can help them remotely. First 30 days is free.

Any friend or family who could do with a techie, this is the answer! Just let them add this IM address in their IM and get help immediately!

thank you


So this is like LivePCSupport, but then over MSN ?


yes… gives them access to our guys so that they can talk to our experts over IM and our experts will then guide them etc.


I’ll try it out then


pls email all your friends and family and tell them to add this their IM…now help for your PC is only one click away!


The idea is great, but they’re asking me to install CLPS again? I thought it was going to be over msn or so ?


well, they need the tools they can work with…
but the help is available thru IM…


Now I understand the idea ! :slight_smile:


Please spread the IM address geekbuddy [at] to all your friends and families.


Hotmail and live is the same thing when it comes to IM, y/n? 8) :-TU


spread the IM address to friends and families pls.


I tried out this Geek buddy thing a little… I got polite answerers even when the stuff posted was kinda offtopic… (once he spelled “Melih” wrong thou…) 88) ;D

Anyhow, I talked some to JoWa and he had the idea that the geek could be on EasyVPN as well… (and possible skype…) not only do they offer encryption. But EasyVPN could make remote help easy… :-TU :-TD

…Well, now you know it’s not a bot, but a real person :).

Pretty soon we’ll have coverage to most used IMs.

So you guys watching allways? or are there work hours? If so can you post them…

Im still waiting for the geek to exept my MSN request.

This was the second time I tried this service. I asked some questions, but didn’t get a response to any of them… After waiting for a long time and no response I thought, well its not that important… and said something like: “Iam sorry, good luck with what your doing, there must be a high load on the service I guess bla bla” and I finally gets this response from the “Geek” who says:

Ok, please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime in the future if you'll encounter any problems with your pc or you need any information regarding Comodo livePCsupport services.

I had been waiting for a response for several minutes… :-\ :-
Perhaps I misunderstood, but I took it as the support being very rude, even if a customer is a bit off I think the support should still threat you nicely… They could said what they said but nicer… =/ Especially when I had to wait several minutes for a response about some simple questions…

I certainly hope other has a more pleasant experience.

Because, now I don’t feel welcome testing/using this service anymore… =/


Please, tell me if this was that the entire conversation? I am trying to track the support technician and see what happened. Maybe you could tell me what was the time when this happened.

No this was not the entire conversation. I said Hello he said “Hi!”, then I typed some stuff and no response… after waiting for some minutes I get the quoted response.

Since I don’t save msn conversations I sadly can’t tell you in exact words what I said, but these are exact words he used if it can be of any help:

Ok, please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime in the future if you’ll encounter any problems with your pc or you need any information regarding Comodo livePCsupport services.

I remember copy pasting it… The time should be about 20-40 minutes prior to me posting on the forum…

If it might be of any help, the MSN I used was lets_code [at] (I use it as a junk mail mostly so let it stay up, I couldn’t care less if someone starts bombarding it with junk…) ;D :-TU


Thank you. I will see what happened.

Ok, thank you very much… (:NRD)

No follow ups? :o ???